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Current reservoir level

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  Lake Roosevelt Forum Newsletter Summer 2015

  Lake Roosevelt Public Guide 2015

  Lake Roosevelt Forum Newsletter Fall 2014

  RI/FS Update Fact Sheet - EPA November 2014

  UCR RI/FS Soil Studies Fact Sheet - June 2014

  EPA Residential Soil Study Fact Sheet - Jan 2014

  Lake Roosevelt Forum Newsletter Winter 2014 - PDF

  EPA RI/FS Update Poster - April 2012

  EPA UCR Beach Sediment Study Fact Sheet

  Lake Roosevelt Forum Newsletter Winter 2013 - PDF

 Lake Roosevelt A Public Guide 2011 - pdf

  It All Fits Together - PDF

  Surface Water Sampling Program Overview - PDF

  Fish Sampling Program Overview - PDF

  Beach Sediment Sampling Program Overview - PDF

Lake Roosevelt Public Guide June 2009 - PDF

Interactive Upper Columbia River Map
Map courtesy of the Lake Roosevelt Forum.

Illustrative Map (Color) - PDF

Illustrative Map (Black & White) - PDF

Map Information Sheet - PDF

Upper Columbia River Project Brochure - PDF